Audiology Now: Issue & Quiz 96 - June 2024


Welcome to our special regulation issue of Audiology Now! Weigh up all the options in our deep dive feature with guest writers from across the sector.


In this issue you'll also find research on collaborative audiological care, unilateral hearing loss in children and bone conduction and assistive listening devices, as well as all the latest AudA and audiology news.

Special Quiz News! This issue, we've simplified Quiz 96, with just 1 question as a “thank you” for your continued support as we work to cross the final hurdles of our new system with our IT provider.


Take the quiz by 30 September 2024 (11.59pm AEST) to earn 1 CPD point for the 2024/25 CPD Cycle.
How do I view the magazine and take the quiz?
To take the quiz, click "Register Now" at the top of this page. If you have already registered, you should instead see text labelled: "You are registered for this module! Click here for more details". Follow the steps, and you will be presented with the flipbook version of Audiology Now, as well as the quiz underneath it.
You can download the PDF here
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